You are a Patissier (dessert chef) who needs to recover the stolen pages from your grandma’s epic and secret recipes book. They are all in Bonbon Fortress, a big labyrinthine building full of kitchens and people crazy about chocolate and desserts.

  • Stealth your way in to the rooms and recover the 9 stolen pages.
  • Pick-up ingredients and use them to cook delicious desserts. Combine the 8 basic ingredients and discover new creations.
  • Bait the patrols with your mouth-watering creations and use the opportunity to get deeper into the building.
  • Four different types of enemies with varying behaviours and tastes

Use WASD keys to move around, Enter key to interact, 1/2/3/4 kets to drop food (bait), Backspace to close dialogues and Esc to exit the game.

Entry for the Theme: "Choose 2 incompatible genres". I chose to blend Stealth and Cooking Sims.


Agent Patissier [Mac] 18 MB
Agent Patissier [Windows] 13 MB